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. taking you back to the east covelet where hurricane sandy is a minimal hurricane katrina goer 1 at 75 miles an hour, it continues to move parallel to the southeastern coast of the united states. we are looking at this at about almost 400 miles south of new york city. but you have heard the impacts from the delaware, maryland, washington, new york, all the way up through maine and as it merges with the second system, the colder system, the impacts being felt through west virginia, ohio, with the snow and in fact already some schools are closed with the anticipation of such a huge system with hurricane-force winds perhaps throughout 400-mile radius. that's anywhere from 74 miles. but we could see wind gusts from 60 to 80 miles an hour for a sustained amount of time with the huge amount of landscape and real estate that this is going to cover and the storm surge from four to ten feet anywhere from d.c. up to new york city. so, of course, we will be watching that. back home our weather kind ever on hold today but then the changes come subtly throughout the afternoon today with the return
in the hurricane katrina disaster. >>> ordered that resources be made available to states in the path of the storm as soon as they needed them. and i instructed my team not to let red tape and burr rock case k -- bureaucracy get in the waive solving problems. especially when it came to making sure local utilities could restore power as quickly as possible. >> following the meeting they will fan out and visit storm-damaged areas throughout the region to see if resources are being provided. >> san francisco is breaking ground today on a new north beach library. the city librarian and others will be on hand for the 11:00 ceremony at columbus and lombard. north beach residents will celebrate the new library project with performers and other musical entertainment. construction of the new branch library in north beach is funded by a $106 million voter-approved bond measure. furniture and equipment will come from the fundraising efforts by friends of the san francisco public library. >>> new this morning the san mateo city council will consider three options for regulating noisy leaf blowers on monday. i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2